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Yoga in India is famous all over the world for teaching yoga courses in India. Anyone can get certified yoga teacher training India  out here. Also, they are offering Yoga teacher training and Yoga retreats in India, to become certified yoga teacher trainer in Goa- India. Yoga in India is associated with Association for yoga and meditation (AYM) which is a non-profit institution registered with govt. of India in 2005.  It provides certified courses for yoga teacher training india goa and yoga retreat goa India . Yoga teacher training goa  is one of the popular course of yoga goa India. It provides the best yoga classes in Goa  that’s the reason it is different from other yoga institute in its depth and practice. The main mission of yoga schools in India is to spread health and happiness through traditional teachings of yoga conducted through yoga ttc Goa, India. If you are a yoga enthusiast, yoga classes in Goa are there for you. When it comes to yoga practice, Yoga in India offers best yoga teacher training programs in the world.

About Yoga in India

Yoga in India is the best platform for all the yoga beginners and it is associated with AYM Rishikesh. AYM provide the facility for yoga teaching training in India different cities (Goa, Dharamshala, Rishikesh) and countries (Bali, Nepal). Thorough yoga in India, you can register yourself for yoga teacher training and yoga classes in your desired cities and countries.

Why AYM Yoga certification

  • Yoga Alliance Certification:
    All yoga course namely RYS 200 hour yoga teacher training, 300 hour yoga teacher training and 500 hour yoga teacher training courses in India which are offered by AYM accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA.
  • Yoga style –
    Before joining any other best yoga schools in India, it is important to know what yoga styles are included in yoga coursers in India. Yoga styles offered by AYM are traditional and ancient Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Vinyasa Flow, Iyenar, Restorative, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, Hatha Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy. Our yoga center in India has made two levels to teach all above mentioned yoga styles.
    Level 1: 200 hour yoga teacher training in India which includes Hatha yoga course.Level 2: 300 hour yoga teacher training in India which has the rest of the types of yoga.
  • Instructors, their background and experience –
    AYM is one of the best yoga teacher training in India, and a pioneering yoga center which provides yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. It has a big team of experienced yoga masters from different linage, and all are well qualified in their field. We have a team of well experienced teachers to teach every module in our best yoga teacher training programs in the world. Usually, there will be 3 to 5 yoga masters to teach at every level.
  • Ideal class size for training
    There are different class size limits in different yoga schools in India but we have fixed our student limit/class to 25 students in all our yoga training centers across India like yoga in Goa, yoga in Bali, yoga in dharamshala. This helps students to learn yoga and understand well, and teachers can pay attention to every student during the yoga classes in Goa in our yoga centres in Goa.

Price of teacher training 

Our yoga schools in India provide the best yoga teacher training course in India at a very affordable price. We have set the price of our courses in middle range as compared to other yoga centers in India.

Program format or course curriculum  – The syllabus taught at AYM includes basic curriculum required by Yoga Alliance USA.

Training & Practice, Techniques

. Training & Practice, Techniques
. Yoga Teaching Methodology
. Human Anatomy and Physiology
. Yoga Philosophy and Ethics
. Teaching Practice

  • Reputation and history of  the school  AYM Yoga School is flowing through the lineage of Yogi Chetan Mahesh who laid down the foundation of the school in 2005. The school follows the ancient forms of yoga along with modern and scientific approach of yoga. For the past 10 years, over 10,000 yoga students have trained out as qualified & certified yoga instructors, from AYM Yoga School.

Facebook reviews: We have very positive reviews by our previous students about our yoga training program. Once you go through them, you will be fully confident about your decision of choosing AYM Yoga School for your yoga training in India. Click here to know

YouTube reviews: Our pass out students have provided a lot of videos in which they talk about us. Click here

Find Below Our Upcoming Yoga Teachers Courses in India

Rishikesh Dates

15 Jan : : 10 Feb 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Closed

15 Feb : : 10 Mar 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Closed

15 Mar : : 10 Apr 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Closed

15 Apr : : 10 May 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Closed

15 May : : 10 Jun 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Open

15 Jun : : 10 Jul 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Open

15 Jul : : 10 Aug 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Open

15 Aug : : 10 Sep 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Open

15 Sep : : 10 Oct 2017 : : 1350 USD : : Open

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Dharamshala Dates

15 Jan : : 10 Feb 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Closed

15 Feb : : 10 Mar 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Closed

15 Mar : : 10 Apr 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Closed

15 Apr : : 10 May 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Closed

15 May : : 10 Jun 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open

15 Jun : : 10 Jul 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open

15 Jul : : 10 Aug 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open

15 Aug : : 10 Sep 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open

15 Sep : : 10 Oct 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open

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Goa Dates

15 Jan : : 10 Feb 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Closed

15 Feb : : 10 Mar 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Closed

15 Mar : : 10 Apr 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Closed

15 Apr : : 10 May 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Closed

15 May : : 10 Jun 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Open

15 Jun : : 10 Jul 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Open

15 Jul : : 10 Aug 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Open

15 Aug : : 10 Sep 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Open

15 Sep : : 10 Oct 2017 : : 1850 USD : : Open

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Reviews – Yoga instructors certification india

I completed the 200 Hour Yoga TTC at AYM in Rishikesh, India in April 2016. The school is beautifully located in upper Tapovan, just far away enough to have some peace and quiet from the busier streets, but close enough to pop into town if you ever needed to. The teachers were all humble, good matured and knowledgeable and I felt as my first teacher training it gave me a good starting base for any further studying I wish to undertake.  The staff are all friendly and helpful and made Rishikesh feel like home. I would recommend this school as a good starting point for anyone wanting to delve into their yoga practice in India. Thank you AYM!
Cassy Fick
A month amazing with awesome people!!!! I just finished the 200hr Yoga TTC in aym and I can’t be more happy with the experience. In a quiet environment and natural (away from roads, cars and dicks), The facilities in perfect condition, clean, hot water and the yoga class with windows so I can see the mountains at the same time you practice! The food very rich and just spicy, but it was a wonderful breakfast!!! Since the owner of the ashram, passing by Mahesh and all the teachers, even the workers, there can be no better environment! The teachers very good and with much knowledge. And, above all, you can always count on them for any problem or question..
Pilu Leta

Yoga Courses in Goa

Best Yoga Teacher Training Course with Retreat in Goa, India

AYM’s Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

AYM Yoga School’s syllabus for its Goa centre is similar to that being taught in its Rishikesh and Dharmsala centres located in Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh respectively. Highly experienced teachers will be sent to teach the course from Rishikesh to Goa, to provide best, well-balanced and unique YTTC. The prime objective of the course will be on –

Hatha/Hatho Yoga

Hatha means ‘forceful’ in Sanskrit. Hatha is the simplest, gentlest, basic yoga with no flow between poses. It follows the funda of slow-paced stretching poses with some basic pranayama breathing exercises, followed by a seated meditation at the end. Hatha yoags is good for beginners with easy poses, relaxation techniques, and is quite comfortable.

Ashtanga – Vinyasa primary series

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a modern style of yoga in which gymnastic exercises and stretching are practiced in rhythm with yoga breathing and ancient yoga philosophy. Ashtanga is the practice of all 8 limbs and begins with five repetitions of Surya Namaskara, followed by Primary series that includes Yoga Chikitsa and Yoga Therapy.


Basic Pranayama

Pranayama is powerful breathing technique that ensures healthy body and calm mind. Regular practice of various types of pranayama improves breathing pattern, purifies blood, boosts resistance power and gives physical strength. Bhastrika, Bhramari, Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom are all parts of basic pranayama which include a combination of yoga and breathing techniques.


Different Meditation Techniques

Different types of meditation help in keeping one’s mind and body healthy. Meditation also helps in reducing stress and anxiety of modern life. Different types of meditation taught at AYM centre in Goa, are divided into 5 categories namely: traditional, dynamic, active, passive and guided. Students will undergo meditational training in each category during their course.

Teaching Methodology

Students who come to AYM are mostly interested in learning yoga so that they can use it I their day to day life to deal with various kinds of pains, stresses and anxiety. At AYM, they expect their lives to change and those do change on their completion of various yttc programs. YTTC at AYM also helps increase flexibility, heal injury/injuries, muscular and joint pains. Students also gain or lose weight according to their choice of yoga course. Our teachers give sufficient time to connect with students individually to learn about their goals and help achieve them. Once they know what you’re looking to achieve, they can easily guide you to attend the right classes.

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Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala is a city in Northern India, in beautiful state of Dhauladhar mountains and waterfalls at the foothills of the Himalayas – Himachal Pradesh. McLeod Ganj is a peaceful location with an abundance of natural beauty and spiritual diversity.

Dharamsala is also home of Holiness The Dalai Lama His presence and the Tibetan population has made Dharamshala a popular destination for Indian and foreign tourists, including students studying Tibetan Culture.




Eligibility Criteria For Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala, India 

Yoga teacher training in 200 hours is open for everyone in Association for Yoga and Meditation. It’s available for everyone. This course is well suitable for intermediate as well as advance level yoga students.

Participants must have some yoga experience and must be able to teach core yoga poses as basic sequencing.

We would like to inform that each student will get an opportunity to conduct a class once in a week to enhancing yoga wisdom.

Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training in Dharamsala

Our certificates of yoga ttc are valued as well as internationally recognized by yoga alliance U.S.A as well International yoga federation. After a successful completion of yoga teacher training course, Students can register with yoga alliance U.S.A and we will confirm all request.

200 Hours, 300 Hours and 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Dates 2016

200 Hour Yoga Course in Dharamsala

$1500.00 Fee

  • 15 Apr : : 10 May 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Close
  • 15 May : : 10 Jun 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open
  • 15 June : : 10 Jul 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open
  • 15 July : : 10 Aug 2017 : : 1500 USD : : Open

300 Hour Yoga TTC in Dharamsala

$1800.00 Fee

  • 14 Apr – 12 May 2017 :: 1800 USD :: Close
  • 14 May – 12 Jun 2017 :: 1800 USD :: Open
  • 14 Jun – 12 Jul 2017 :: 1800 USD :: Open
  • 14 Jul – 12 Aug 2017 :: 1800 USD :: Open

500 Hour Yoga Instructor Course in Dharamsala

$3300.00 Fee

  • 15 Apr – 12 Jun 2017 :: 3300 USD :: 20 spot
  • 15 May – 12 Jul 2017 :: 3300 USD :: Open
  • 15 Jun – 12 Aug 2017 :: 3300 USD :: Open
  • 15 Jul – 12 Sep 2017 :: 3300 USD :: Open


Daily Schedule of 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala, India  

200 hour yoga teacher training focuses on a lot of practice of different component of yoga systematically, but also on theoretical principles of yoga. So we have divided the whole syllabus in two parts which include practice and theoretical yoga lectures.

There six module, which cover all major components of yoga

Module 1. Yoga philosophy

Module 2. Yoga Asanas (postures)

Module 3. Yoga Pranayamas (Breathing exercise)

Module 4. Yoga Meditation and Relaxation

Module 5. Yoga Teaching Methodology

Module 6. Yoga sat kriyas (therapeutic detoxification)

The Prior Time to Do Yoga in Dharamsala

Yogis and tourists come here from all over the world because of the nature and the pleasant climate. In Dharamsala weather remains here pleasant and fantastic. The best time to practice yoga in dharamsala is April and June. This is the prior time when lots of yogis visit here for yoga and meditation. Dharamsala is mostly famous for his climate during summer days when most of city’s weather warmer then people wants to visit dharamsala.


In Dharamsala October and November are also pleasant months but temperatures start to get remarkably cooler from December. That’s why yogis relocate to Goa for Yoga Teacher Training due to cool weather.


Refund Rules

Every participant is advised to carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before forwarding the application for the teacher- training course at AYM Yoga School. The deposit submitted is not refundable. However, in case of emergencies and other unavoidable circumstances, the AYM Yoga School at its discretion permits students to go for any other scheduled course within the period of one year. We therefore recommend that all applicants carefully examine their upcoming obligations so that they may be able to devote their full attention to the teacher-training program

Evaluation & Certification

To get a Diploma at the 300-hour yoga instructor course, a student needs to attend 4 weeks duration course which includes eight yoga modules. If a student is has already completed any of the modules, we will examine the students proficiency and a waver is given in that module. Assessments will be based on written assignments as well as practical evaluations and student conduct will be a part of the assessment criteria.

Content Heading

Why You Should Join AYM Yoga School In Rishikesh, India?

Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) is an acknowledged organization which is located in Rishikesh, and runs various yoga teacher training in India and yoga teacher training courses in India. With its yoga masters, students will be able to learn beginners’ yoga, intensive yoga, multi-styles of yoga, hatha yoga teacher training Goa and 500 hour yoga teacher training in India. Yoga in India works for integrating yoga and its philosophy into everyone’s daily lives, something which is not done by other yoga schools in India.

Our all best yoga teacher training in India are conducted at our own yoga schools in India. Students who enroll with us in various courses will get the great opportunity to exclusively feel to live life in the real yogistic mode mentioned in Vedas by the world’s best yoga masters of yoga world by getting yoga classes in Goa, India. Furthermore, except for the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India, 300 hour yoga teacher training in India, we have a tendency to jointly provide yoga vacation and yoga retreats for 1 week or 2 weeks. Other than that, we also provide knowledge of Ayurveda and deep meditation for people who wish to realize and achieve inner peace and revitalize their mental and physical abilities.

Aym Yoga School in Rishikesh India




About Association, Yoga and Meditation


The yoga schools in India that goes by the name of Association for Yoga & Meditation was setup in Rishikesh in September 2005. At that time, need was felt to observe, teach and setup traditional and original methods of yoga in India, which were lacking throughout the country. Yogi Chetan Mahesh along with well-known yoga experts and renowned yoga gurus, decided to lay down foundation of a registered organization that goes by the name of Association for Yoga & Meditation, in accordance with and under guidelines laid down by the Government of India, to fulfill this aim.

AYM Yoga School follows traditional and ancient yoga with scientific approach, along with teaching meditation, philosophy and yoga psychology. In 2005, the school got the status of national organization of India, and became a member of International Yoga Federation (IYF). The school also setup standards for teaching and practice of yoga and meditation in India according to guidelines of IYF. After graduating from AYM, students can get themselves registered with IYF and Yoga Alliance USA, which are internationally, recognized organizations of the world  and get certification of yoga training in India .


AYM Yoga School in Rishikesh has a vision for the world to be free from stress, anxiety, depression, disease, personal, professional and family problems by practicing easy, simple, authentic, traditional and true yoga based on classical teachings which includes asana, pranayama and meditation and stress management, detoxification techniques. AYM invites everyone to experience, experiment, realize, understand the simple, integrated holistic program which aim at achieving health, harmony and happiness beside realizing the inner potential mingling one with one, the realization on oneness the inner self. AYM aims at bringing out human excellence at personal, professional, social and spiritual levels through conscious expansiveness and revolution combines with different authentic and classical wisdom of yoga i.e. Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, emotional culture of Bhakti yoga, tantric culture of hatha yoga.


Association for Yoga and Mediation (AYM) is a National Educational organization of India engaged in the popularization and promotion of yoga education in its original and traditional form. To develop, promote and integrate yoga, Association for Yoga and Mediation set and follow the standard in teaching training and development of yoga.