Yoga Retreat in GOA

Yoga is one of the prominent factors that make India one of the most sacred destinations in the world. This beautiful and traditionally enriched nation can make anyone fall in love. And, that’s the reason India enjoys huge tourist attraction throughout the year. India’s cultural diversity, art, natural beauty and adventures have been always at the peak of interest among the tourists. However, yoga has turned out to be one of prime reasons that makes thousands fly down this beautiful nation.

Needless is to say that India is the birthplace of yoga. Great saints from the nation have made incredible contributions to the mankind in the form of yoga. Apart from this, one of the most distinguishing parts about yoga holiday in India is that here a traveler gets the best yoga knowledge, and at the same time gets thrilled by the natural beauty of the retreats. This is the reason that yoga holidays in Goa is getting popular day by day. In fact, it makes the challenging learning aspects of yoga way lot easier upon being practiced at such naturally elegant destinations.


AYM Yoga School: the best Yoga Retreats in India

If you are looking for the best yoga and meditation retreats in India, AYM Yoga School can be the most suitable recommendation to go with. The best part about AYM is that it has centers at various locations in the nation. Moreover, we offer the flexibility to the visitors to choose the study program as per their convenience. Here the programs are offered with duration ranging from two-three days to one-two months as well. In short, a tourist can always pick a program that can be suitable as per his/her schedule.

Goa: the favorite destination for yoga retreat

One of the prime reasons behind yoga retreat Goa grabbing greater tourist attraction is for its natural bliss that encourages the practitioner to try with more passion. Goa has been one of the biggest hubs among tourists around the globe. Starting from communication to accommodation, this magnificent city leaves no scope for its tourists to complain. A yoga holiday here creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders as well as to learn a magnificent concept like yoga at one stretch or at a single touring expense. At the same time, Goa gives adequate opportunity for the travelers to fulfill their passion for adventure in the best fashion. The city has been unforgettable among the tourists for its antique architecture, youthful climate, and delicious recipes as well.

Reputed yoga houses like AYM having their yoga teacher training retreats in Goa want to make sure that the tourists enjoy the best of services possible. Moreover, these centers promise the ultimate education standard for its aspirants. Each of the trainers teaching here carries immense professional teaching experience. Bing trained from the traditional Vedic institutions or gurukuls, they assure about the best knowledge with scientific explanation of the underneath principles.


Making things customer-friendly and affordable

Yoga vacations in Goa are made much more encouraging and customer-friendly these days. In fact, one can book the entire thing at the fingertip. No need to visit the center and all. The entire enquiry can be made being there from your native place itself. All that an interested person needs to do is to simply fill a registration form visiting the AYM website. The officials will be connecting the person to inform regarding the availabilities and other aspects. Once everything is done regarding the enquiry, the person has to deposit a certain amount of advance fee as per the duration of the course.

AYM has been the most distinguishing as it is best as well as the most affordable yoga retreats in India. Here complete flexibility is given to the visitors as per their scheduling. The advance booking amount is also pretty minimal. One has to pay only $55 for one week, $105 for a couple of weeks, and $210 for twenty five days of retreat. Making things even easier for the interested people around the globe, AYM often fixes its retreat dates for every month much prior. The reason behind is to offer adequate time to the interested people for booking a date for their own.


Life during the retreat program

AYM has managed to earn the reputation of best yoga retreat India for the unforgettable experience it offers to the participants. The life during your tenure here is going to be extremely disciplined yet thoroughly enjoyable.

Daily schedule for yoga retreat in Goa
  • Participants have to wake up early by 6:00 am in the morning and finish the tea by 8:30.
  • The Ashtanga Vinyasa asana practice session starts by 9:00 am, which is followed by breakfast at 10 am.
  • There remains a lecture schedule at 11:00 am before the lunch at 1:00 am.
  • Karma yoga is taught at 1:45 PM, which ends by 2:00 PM itself.
  • 2-3 PM is meant for rest and self-study of the students.
  • There is another lecture timing scheduled at 3:00 pm, which is followed by Hatha yoga practice at 4:50 pm.
  • Dinner starts by 7:00 PM. After 8, it’s either self-study or weekly cultural activity session.
  • And, the lights get off by 10:00 PM.